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Top 10 Places To Visit Devon – Updated

We’re currently updating many of our South West England destination summary guides and ‘Top 10 Recommended’ lists in preparation for Summer 2011. Not only are we adding new destinations and taking out older recommendations, we’re also adding introductory text and providing more links within the lists such that you can more easily discover new places to visit and things to do in the UK.

For example, take a look at our ‘Top 10 Recommended Places To Visit in Devon’ page.

Up top, you’ll see a new chunk of text under the ‘Places To Visit in Devon’ title. Below that, there are the usual ten recommendations but with those additional links we’ve mentioned.  For this year, we’ve taken out our 2010 recommendation of Widecombe in the Moor within Dartmoor National Park and replaced it with Beer in the East Devon AONB. The new recommendation opens out the possibility of discovering the eastern section of the county.

We’ll be updating these lists throughout the summer.


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Researching A Trip To Norfolk via @montynowad

Some friends came to stay down here on Dartmoor. They very kindly provided some images of Holkham Beach.  Given that the area looks amazing, we’re planning to send one of the team to Norfolk to research and photograph the area. Having tweeted for advice, @montynowad sent the following. We’re hugely appreciative of the effort that went into writing and sending this and felt it best to share the knowledge. So, if you’re researching a trip to Norfolk …

First thing to remember is there isnt a great deal there and generally you need to travel a bit to lots of places. I will start from down the cost and then head up.

Cromer. One of the better seaside resorts, not alot there, gets very busy in summer.
Sheringham, very similar, not far from Cromer so stop off.
Blakeney, this is were all the sand banks start, also not much here but getting quieter now, also the sealion sanctuary and the actual sealions in the sea are here too. Worth a visit, check web for best times.
Wells and Wells Next the Sea … walk up the path that runs parellel to the poty herading out to sea, this is about 5 miles and goes in a giant horseshoe that ends at Holkham. Once out into the sands and the sea you then start to see the attraction. Google Holkham beach and all you see is miles ahead of nothing but sand. The futher you walk the better. I have been ther in peak season and shared it with about ten people, however certain times it get busy.
Attractions there are none, further you walk the less people although once beyond the middle you start joining people coming the other way. The beach when tide is out is about 300 yards deep, it has water streams that get nice and hot to bathe in, the sea is freezing. The dunes that are the sea defence are layered with special grasses that hold the dunes up. It is truly stunning.
Holkham. Aim for Holkham Hall. Directly opp is a driveway, park down there, only acouple of quid. Have a wander arouind the hall, truly stunning. Then go back down the drive and walk through the woods and turn left, again just keep walking.
Burnham Market. Slightly in land. This is known as little Chelsea. One of the most expensive retreats in Norfolk.
Lovely little inn, gets busy, dog friendly, allowed to sleep in your room. Little expensive but your into rich peoples land now. This sits right on a walk too, similar thing. Near here is a rspb reserve, you will see the sign going there on the right. Go down there, get to the part were you pay to park (nature reserves and well kept), go through then park. Just over the dunes about half mile is were they do winkle collecting. Dont go there on your own, sinking sand banks. Again keep walking.
Old Hunstanton. Typical seaside village. Reasonably large.
Heacham. Worth a visit.
Then drive to Sandringham, view the gardens, obviously stunning as the queen lives there.
Drive down into Norfolk from there, aim for Fakenham, Holt. All nice towns. At holt google Little Walsingham snow drop walk. Lovely gardens and staely homes and ruins.
Head into Aylsham and you must go to Hoveton Hall. You can see the hall but nothing special. The Gardens are very special, only just been rebuilt over the last 5 years or so, the walled gardens are very special. A garden worth supporting, £5 to get in but stunning.
Norfolk is very spread out, a photographers dream, a dogs heaven. The people are very nice. Norwich City is also a very nice place to shop. Ground rent is cheap so the shops are all pretty large compared to normal. Especially in Chapelfield.
Just do a bit of research but you could comfortably do the coast in a day or two depending how far you want to walk. Open up Google maps and click away.
Again, big thanks to @montynowad

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