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UK Tourist Attractions on ‘picturetheuk’

picturetheuk’s first stage of development started in March 2008 and lasted about six months.  In September, we started the process of ‘opening up’ the site such that tourist attractions, hoteliers, enthusiasts etc could start contributing material to the site. 

It takes time to get these things going but the effort is paying off.  We’re now receivng a great deal of high quality material form attractions, businesses and users. 

The more material we add, the more traffic we receive from long tail searches (naturally, about 85% of it is Google traffic).  Interestingly, this week, I’ve noticed loads of referrals coming for hotels, inns, B&Bs etc as a result of work completed in September.

Happy days.


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Southwark Cathedral

One of the great joys of running a project like ‘picturetheuk’ is discovering new places.  Yesterday, Southwark Cathedral sent some fascinating material through: http://www.picturetheuk.com/uk-tourism/attraction/southwark-cathedral-196.html

Looking at the satellite map, I realised that the Globe Theatre is just up the road which, presumably, is why Shakespeare buried his brother Edmond at Southwark Cathedral.

The photos supplied by Southwark Cathedral are great and I’ll certainly visit when next in London.

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Canon PowerShot G9

DSLRs are great but they don’t fit in your pocket. 

A while back, I started hunting around for a compact camera that would produce good results and could be taken anywhere.  Most people pointed to the G9 and, so far, I’m amazed at how good it is.  Recommend it.

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