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This other Eden (4): Isle of Rum

Off the western coast of Scotland there are hundreds of islands.  Big ones such as Skye and little ones such as its neighbour Rum.  You can hop on a ferry, boat or speed boat to Rum and take a guided tour around its main attraction, Kinloch Castle.  There’s an organ under the stairs, a Victorian power shower and a very private ball room in which very private parties were held.  Home to a seriously wealthy industrialist, Kinloch Castle was used by Dukes and City bankers. 

If you’re on a boat or speed boat trip, it’s likely you’ll be taken to see Kilmory Beach with its deer and pale sands.  The BBC shoot the series Autumnwatch here to follow the progress of stags during the rutting season.  Also look out for the building just off the beach where servants washed the laundry for Kinloch Castle.  Note that the castle is on the other side of the island!

Oh, and one last thing.  The midges here are bad, very bad. 

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